Hotline: 2120 6130

Richard Potter, Dr.

Hospitals & Clinics: MLVC
Country Of Origin: Australia

With over 50 years of practice, Dr. Richard Potter continues to find joy in providing care to our beloved animal companions.

Dr. Potter has a background in UK-style veterinary orientation and surgery, and was fortunate to work alongside skilled surgeons in Melbourne’s largest practice. Interestingly, this practice holds historical significance as it was established by the first female veterinary surgeon in Australia.

Throughout his career, Dr. Potter gained extensive experience in orthopedics for companion animals over the course of several years. Additionally, he spent a decade specializing in emergency and critical care before expanding his expertise to include farm and large animals, such as camelids, buffalo, and ostriches. This diverse experience has equipped him with the ability to manage soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries in a wide range of species.