Chi Chi with Addison’s disease.
Chi Chi is a 4 year old mongrel who came to our Ma On Shan hospital in September because he
was eating less than normal.
He was quite thin and had low blood pressure.
A routine blood test showed that most things were normal but his kidney values were up a…

On the evening of 17/8/21 Fu Kwai was brought into our Mong Kok 24hr emergency hospital. He had been treated for diabetes for a year and his blood sugar levels had been stable.
However his owners said that on that evening he was weak, despite getting his regular insulin and eating his normal food. A quick blood test showed that his blood sugar level was low. We gave him some honey to eat and after a short while he was walking around normally and went home. . …

On 23/10/2020 a lady presented Billy Bob, a ten year old, male, poodle, to our Mid Levels
hospital, who was vomiting, not eating and was very weak.
The dog had eaten some pork soup bones, 2 days previously and the owner was worried that
they were blocking the intestines.
Usually, dogs can eat bones and they just get digested in the dog’s stomach. However…

On 25/10/20 Siu Yo a 5 year old female cat was presented to our Ma On Shan hospital after the owner found string hanging from her bottom.
The owner had tried to gently pull the string, but it seemed to be stuck firmly. The owner was clever enough not to pull too hard. It was clear that this was a potentially bad situation.
We told the owners that there was nothing that could be done, except do the surgery to remove the string from wherever it was stuck…
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